Booklets Project

The following is a work in progress. To help researchers in this area, a small group is endeavouring to create a list of booklets put out by cosmetic companies in the first half or so of the twentieth century and to scan as many items as possible and place them online. The list is being built up gradually as are the scans. If you would like to help with this project please email me and I will provide you with further details. Additions to the list of scanned booklets will be made through Twitter.

Note: DATE indicates a published date was included with the booklet; EST is an estimated date of publication; PAGES does not include any printed information on the inside or outside of the front or back cover; SIZE is in centimetres to the nearest whole number.

Charles of the Ritz

1928Beauty bookUSA
1929The four secrets of natural beautyUSA
1930Beauty in the modern mode2410x15UKIncludes separate price list.
1932Beauty in the modern mode4812x15USA
1942Personalized beauty care9x15UKFolder made up of 6 three-fold pamphlets plus insert.


19361936 CovermarkThe Modern Miracle3210x13USALast page and back cover blank.


1923The cultivation and preservation of natural beauty59UKAlso 1925.
1927The Cyclax way to lovelinessUK
The art of being lovely12x15USACover reads Cyclax of London.
The art of being lovely (2nd Ed.)
The art of being lovely (3rd Ed.)32AUS
1934Towards beauty: Handbook for the would-be lovely46UK
1936Towards beauty: Four informal talks46UK
1936Six lessons in lovelinessUKMentioned in an advert dated August 1936.
1938The art of being lovely (4th Ed.)3612x15UKAlso printed in Australia.
19561955-hudnutSkin care and loveliness1612x15UK

Daggett & Ramsdell

1911Daggett & Ramsdell's perfect cold cream169x16USA
1926Beauty interviews with famous skin specialistsUSA
1934Beauty at the Fair1612x9USA1934 Chicago World’s Fair.
1936New beauty preparationsUSA
1937Beauty AidsUSA

Dorothy Gray

1926The story of Dorothy Gray32USAAlso 1927.
1929Your dowry of beauty4811x15USAMentioned in US Vogue 1931, 1934. Also 1930, 1933.
1935Your lovely skinUSAWith leaflet: How to use the new make-up. Also 1936, 1940.
1939Your lovely skin36UKMost likely the same as the US version but with UK prices. Also 1934, 1935.
1935How to use the new make-upUSAAlso 1934.
1936Which is your skin tone?Mentioned in US Vogue 1936.
1937Dorothy Gray make-up folderUSA
1945Design for the right look
1952Rule of threeUK
1954Trust Dorothy Gray168x15UKIncludes 1954 price list.
1958Blueprint for beauty89x11UKIncludes 1958 price list.
1963How to make the most of your natural beauty209x15AUS
1965Clear skin programAUSMentioned in 1965 AUS Women's Weekly.


1931The way to loveliness88x16USA
1936Beauty – today and tomorrow1611x15USA

Harriet Hubbard Ayer

1928A woman’s secrets 3613x13UKAlso 1929.
1928All for beauty40 11x16USA
1932All for beautyUSAMentioned in 1931 US Vogue. Also 1930, 1931.
1933All for beauty48 11x16USAAlso 1934.
1933Be your own beauty specialist211x20UKPamphlet. Subtitled Home care of the normal skin and normal scalp.
1934All for beauty27 Printed in Canada. Contains 1939 Price list.
1934Beauty is as beauty does2410x14USA
1934Beauty under twenty2812x15USAMentioned in 1934 US Vogue. Also 1933, 1935.
1934All for beauty48 11x16USA
1936Beauty preparations and perfumes110x18UKMeasurements are in folded up single sheet. Facial exercises on one side, products on other. Printed in Canada.
1937The Ayer way to beauty4 11x13UK
1938The Ayer way to beautyUK
1938The Ayer way to beauty810x16USAMentioned in 1939 US Vogue.
1938Accent on you815x12 USA
1938Make-up patterns810x16USAFold out with colour charts. Same picture on cover as 1938 Accent on You.
1939Ten beauty lessonsUSA
1940Care & color + fragrance = beauty2412x15
1952Lessons in beauty1610x16
1956Simple guides to beauty129x17UKSelfridges banner on front. Fold out. Printed in France.
1957Natürliche schönheit (Natural beauty)2711x15GERContains Schönheits-pass (Beauty matching) card dated 1957.


1930The secret of a perfect complexionUKAlso 1928.
1931The cult of healthful beauty
1932Innoxa guide to beauty
1932Beauty by cultureAlso 1936.
1933Innoxa beauty guide colourscope and home treatment chart
1935Grow lovelierUKIncludes Make-up colourscope. Also 1938.
1936Innoxa generic beauty treatmentUK
1937Gift creationsUK
1937Beauty guide No 12
1937Gifts of loveliness
1938Natural lovelinessUK
1948Innoxa personal beauty plan and make-up chart811x16UK

Max Factor

1928The new art of society make-up
1930Color harmony make-up by Max Factor1212x14USA
1931The new art of society make-up4211x15USA
1932The new art of society make-up4411x15USA6th Edition. Printed 12/32.
1936The new art of society make-up4411x14USANew Edition. Printed 04/36.
1936The new art of society make-up4411x14UKNo date, but cover identical to US 1936 edition.
1937The new art of society make-up4411x14USANew Edition. Printed 08/37.
1937The new art of society make-up48UK
1937How to create beauty with make-upUKPamphlet.
1938The new art of society make-up4411x14UK Printed 5/38.
1938A catalog of Max Factor’s theatrical make-up1212x23USA
1940The new art of make-up2811x14USANew Edition.
1948The new art of make-up2611x15AUSIncludes pamphlet on Pan-Stik.
1949The new art of make-up2811x15USA
1950Make-up for the stars and youUK
1950The new art of make-up2811x15USAContains price list dated 28/10/50
1952The new art of society make-up (6th ed)4411x14USA
1954You at your loveliest3211x16USA

Richard Hudnut

190420th century toilet hintsUSA
19101910-hudnutBeauty Book168x12USAFirst published in 1909.
19151915 Beauty BookBeauty book48USAAvailable though Harvard University Library.
Secrets of charmUSA
1923The secrets of beauty249x15USAThree Flowers products. Printed in USA but list of UK chemist branches inside front cover.
1925The book of Du Barry3115x11USAMadame Du Barry on cover.
1925How to be charming3210x13USAThree Flowers products.
1927The way to lovely skinUSA
193050 years a merchant of beauty 1880-19305217x20USAInserted is letter from R. Hudnut dated March 1930.
1930Cleansing treatment by Doris HaleUSA
1930Home method of Du Barry beauty treatments by the new hand principle as interpreted by Doris Hale459x13USAAlso printed in 1929, 1931. The 1935 edition essentially the same but front cover is different.
1932Holiday creations with Richard HudnutUSA
1933Gifts for Du BarryUK
1934Marvelous make-up guideUSA
Marvelous a synonym for beautyUSA
1936What colour are your eyes?USA
1936Du Barry hand principle of skin treatmentsUSAMentioned in 1936 US Vogue.
1937A new slant on beautyUSAIncludes Du Barry Beauty Angle. Also 1938.
1937New LovelinessNew loveliness for you3210x12USA
1942Du Barry 6 weeks from tonight2015x23 USADu Barry Success School Course.
1944Beauty is your duty5210x13Includes Beauty Angle.
1946Success-o-planUSAIncludes Du Barry Success School chart.
1947Your face, your figure, your futureUSAIncludes Du Barry Success School chart.
1947Du Barry beauty preparation367x11USA
1949Care of the hair2011x18UKPrice 6d.
19551955-hudnutHelp yourself to new beauty
by Du Barry
20 13x18USA

Updated: 24th April 2015