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Circulation Creams


As the name suggests, the primary function of a circulation cream was to stimulate sluggish, sallow skin by improving its blood circulation.

A. S. Hinds


In 1870, Aurelius Stone Hinds went into business for himself and a few years later developed Hinds’ Honey and Almond Cream.

Liquid and Cream Mascara


Cake mascara suffered from a number of drawbacks leading some women to use either liquid or cream mascara instead. Then along came the Mascara-Matic.



These machines, which were mainly used in facial treatments, are known by a variety of names including vapourisers, atomisers, steamers and pulverisers.

Northam Warren


In 1911, Northam Warren started a sideline to his new brokerage business, a liquid cuticle remover he called Cutex.

Liquid Face Powders


Although liquid powders enjoyed some popularity in Victorian and Edwardian times, it was not until after WWII that their full potential was developed.



The introduction of Stopette Spray Deodorant was associated with an important development in cosmetic packaging – the polyethylene squeeze bottle.



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