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Chemical Depilatories


Unwanted hair can be removed mechanically, electrically or chemically. Beauty Culture used all three practices but cosmetic chemists concentrated on chemical methods.



Starting from modest beginnings selling nail polish, Revlon would become one of the largest cosmetics companies in the United States with a full range of cosmetics in its product line-up.

Cake Make-up


When Max Factor introduced Pan-Cake make-up in 1937, it was regarded as something new by cosmetic chemists. However, when they looked into its formulation they soon realised that types of cake make-up had existed as far back as the 1910s.

Compressed Face Powders


As women were confronted with the problems of carrying loose powder around in their purse or handbag, many made the switch to using compressed face powders instead.

Rubinstein’s Complexion Analysers


Starting in the 1930s, Helena Rubinstein used a number of optical devices to drum up sales. One of these used a light filter that would not be widely used by dermatologists until many decades later.



In 1910, Charles Henri Willi arrived in London. The following year he opened a cosmetic surgical practice which operated quite legally from 1911 to 1961 without Willi having any medical qualifications whatsoever.



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