Pre 1890s

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  • Swedish druggist, Dr Karl Wilhelm discovers glycerine.
  • William Addis of Clerkenwell makes the first toothbrush similar to the modern form.
  • Pears Transparent Soap first produced and sold by Andrew Pears.
  • Michel Chevreul isolates cetyl alcohol (which he called ethal) from sperm whale oil.
  • Louis Jacques Thénard discovers oxygenated acid (hydrogen peroxide).
  • John Goffe Rand, a New Hampshire artist, patents the first collapsible metal tube.
  • Theron T. Pond, a pharmacist from Utica, New York, begins selling Golden Treasure, a homeopathic remedy he had developed from witch hazel.
  • Paraphenylenediamine developed by A. W. Hoffman (Germany).
  • Charles-Adolphe Wurtz discovers the glycols (France).
  • Joseph Simon, a pharmacist of Lyons, creates Crème Simon with a glycerine base.
  • Joseph-Albert Ponsin (later Bourjois) develops a compact rouge by baking a powder/water mixture in a round mould.
  • Henry Tetlow introduces zinc oxide into face powder.
  • Registered Trade Marks Law passed (U.S.).
  • Chesebrough Manufacturing Company develops Vaseline Pertroleum Jelly.
  • Guerlain introduces Ne M’Oubliez Pas, the first modern lipstick (rouge à lèvres) in a rechargeable tube.
  • Ben Levy Company begins making Lablache Face Powder.
  • Jean Baptiste Boussingault extracts Sorbitol from the fresh juice of the mountain ash berries.
  • Marcel Grateau develops the Marcel Iron.
  • Colgate begins making Cashmere Bouquet soap.
  • Leichner introduces greasepaints into opera houses and theatres.
  • Colgate begins selling toothpaste in paste, powder and cake form.
  • Hinds’ Honey and Almond Cream introduced by S. A. Hinds.
  • Trade Marks Registration Act enacted (U.K.).
  • Dr. Charles Michel develops the process of permanent hair removal by electrolysis (U.S.).
  • Henry Tetlow begins selling Swan Down Face Powder.
  • Chesebrough Manufacturing Company introduces Vaseline Cold Cream, the first petroleum-based cold cream.
  • ‘The American Hairdresser’ magazine established by Charles Ossenbrunner.
  • Weeks & Potter launches Cuticura Ointment for the care of the skin and Cuticura Soap.
  • Bourjois begins selling Java Rice Powder.
  • Proctor & Gamble introduces Ivory soap.
  • Otto Braun and Oscar Liebreich refines lanolin from wool grease (Berlin).
  • Pond’s Extract develops a toilet cream, lip salve, toilet soap and other witch hazel products.
  • Adoph Vomacka introduces borax into cold cream formulations.
  • Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) founded.
  • Honey Soap, later called Sunlight soap, launched by William and James Lever.
  • Petrole Hahn launched by the chemist Mr Hahn.
  • Recamier Cream and Recamier Cream Balm released by the Recamier Manufacturing Company.
  • The first commercial deodorant, Mum, a wax-like cream containing zinc oxide, introduced by the Mum Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia.
  • Exposition Universelle (Paris)


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Hazeline Snow
  • Daggett & Ramsdell market their Perfect Cold Cream, a petroleum-based cold cream.
  • Liquor Creolis Compositus later known as Lysol, the first commercial disinfectant, released by Schulke & Mayr of Hamburg, Germany then introduced into the United States by Lehn & Fink.
  • Papier Poudre introduced by Papier Poudre Ltd., England.
  • Dr. Washington Sheffield, a dentist of New London, Connecticut begins selling his tooth paste in a tube (U.S.).
  • American ‘Vogue’ first published.
  • Burroughs Wellcome introduces Hazeline Snow, the first commercial stearate (vanishing) cream.
  • Arthur B. Moler opens the Moler School, the first American school for barbers, and publishes the ‘The Moler Manual of Barbering’ (Chicago).
  • Dr. Charles Browne Fleet begins selling ChapStick a petroleum-based lip balm.
  • Johnson & Johnson introduce Johnson’s Baby Powder.
  • German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen discovers X-Rays.
  • King Camp Gillette invents the first safety razor.
  • Guerlain introduces Crème Huvé de la Providence.
  • Lifebuoy Soap, containing the antiseptic cresylic acid, launched by Lever Brothers Ltd.
  • Frederick Finch Strong develops the Vacuum Electrode for use with high-frequency currents.
  • The Moler School adds training services especially for women (Chicago).
  • Colgate launches their first collapsible toothpaste tube.
  • Andrew Jergens produces Woodbury Facial Soap under agreement.
  • B. J. Johnson starts making Palmolive soap.
  • Wilkinson Sword begins selling the Pall Mall safety razor.
  • The Moler School adds classes for the preparation of teachers (Chicago).


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Pompeian Massage
  • Beiersdorf patents Eucerit an emulsifying agent made from lanolin; introduces Pebeco toothpaste packaged in tin tubes.
  • The Elcaya company begins selling Cream Elcaya, a vanishing cream.
  • Gilette developes the Safety Razor.
  • Pompeian Massage Cream introduced.
  • Three stores agree to sell Daggett & Ramsdell’s Perfect Cold Cream.
  • Daggett & Ramsdell introduce Perfect Cold Cream Soap.
  • Charles Nessler begins selling artificial eyebrows and eyelashes in London.
  • R. W. Moore patents a spray dispenser for perfume.
  • First Gilette safety razor with disposable blades goes on sale.
  • Powder shampoo developed by Hans Schwarzkopf.
  • Richard Hudnut introduces Nailustre, a nail polish.
  • United Drug Company begins production of Rexall proprietary medicines.
  • Bonetti Frères develops Diadermine skin cream.
  • Coty develops La Rose Jacqueminot in a bottle designed by Baccarat.
  • Guerlain releases Crème Secret de Bonne Femme.
  • Pond’s Extract Company begins selling Pond’s Extract Vanishing Cream and Pond’s Extract Cold Cream.
  • Dr. Ernst Kromayer develops the first modern form of dermabrasion.
  • Condé Montrose Nast acquires ‘Vogue’.
  • Coty products first sold in the United States.
  • First permanent wave introduced by Charles Nessler in London.
  • Beiersdorf markets Nivea soap.
  • Marinello Training Schools founded by Ruth D. Maurer in Chicago.
  • The American Medical Association (AMA) establishes its own Chemical Laboratory and creates a Propaganda Department, renamed the Bureau of Investigation in 1925.
  • Pure Food and Drugs Act (U.S.) passed.
  • ‘The American Perfumer and Essential Oil Review’ first published (U.S.).
  • First safe synthetic hair-colour formula Auréale, renamed L’Oréal, developed by Eugène Schueller (Paris).
  • Cellophane film invented by Jacques E. Brandenberger (Switzerland). Manufacture begins in 1913.
  • Dr. Ernst Kromayer introduces multiple needle electrolysis and insulated needles (Germany).
  • ‘La Parfumerie Moderne’ first published (France).
  • Lalique produces his first bottle for Coty for the perfume L’Effleurt.
  • Good Housekeeping Seal introduced by the ‘Good Housekeeping’ magazine (U.S.).
  • Beiersdorf begins selling Lobello, a lip balm in stick form.


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Armand Cold Cream
  • American film studios begin distributing publicity stills of actors and actresses.
  • ‘Perfumery and Essential Oil Record’ first published (U.K.).
  • Inecto hair dye, containing paraphenylenediamine, launched by M. Gaston Bardou in Paris.
  • Roger & Gallet produced a lip salve; introduce their perfumes into the U.S.
  • First temporary make-up departments used on Hollywood film lots.
  • Motion Picture Story Magazine, the first American film-fan magazine, begins (U.S.).
  • ‘Photoplay’ film-fan magazine goes on sale (U.S.).
  • The Picturegoer film-fan magazine first published (U.K.).
  • Beiersdorf introduces Nivea cream using the emulsifying agent Eucerit; Lobello lip balm sold in a new sliding case made of tin.
  • Lehn & Fink begins selling Hinds Honey and Almond Cold Cream.
  • Henry Tetlow introduces Blue Moon face powder.
  • Northam Warren develops Cutex Cuticle Remover.
  • First National Convention of Hairdressers organised by Ruth D. Maurer (U.S.).
  • First published use of the term ‘vitamine’ (later vitamin) by Casmir Funk (London).
  • Demuth introduces Frozoclone the first alcoholic, solidified toilet water (U.K.).
  • Lashbrow Laboratories releases Lashbrow mascara.
  • Daggett & Ramsdell begins selling Poudre Debutante.
  • Dorin cosmetics introduced to England and America from Paris.
  • Northam Warren introduces a range of nail powder polishes and other manicure products into the Cutex range.
  • Elizabeth Arden begins selling eye make-up, including eye shadow, in her salons in the U.S.
  • Glazo nail polish introduced by William H. Noll.
  • Listerine introduced as an over-the-counter mouthwash by the Lambert Pharmacal Company.
  • Max Factor develops ‘flexible greasepaint’ (Supreme Greasepaint), a cream greasepaint in 12 graduated shades.
  • Townsend R22 later called Noxzema invented by Francis J. Townsend, Ocean City, Maryland.
  • Charles Nessler introduces his permanent wave into America.
  • Bristol-Myers Co. releases Ipana toothpaste.
  • Theda Bara creates the Vamp look.
  • Daggett & Ramsdell begins selling Poudre Amourette.
  • Max Factor coins the term ‘brownette’ for women who are between blond and brunette shades.
  • Pompeian introduces Pompeian Night Cream.
  • Pond’s Extract Cold Cream and Pond’s Extract Vanishing Cream introduced into Europe.
  • Tom Lyle Williams begins selling Lash-Brow-Ine through mail-order.
  • The Titanium Pigment Corporation of Niagara Falls, New York and the Titan Co. AS, Norway begins commercial production of the white pigment, titanium dioxide.
  • British ‘Vogue’ first published.
  • Armand begins selling Cold Cream Powder.
  • Chesebrough develops Vaseline Hair Tonic.
  • Elizabeth Arden starts her Venetian line.
  • Henry Tetlow introduces Pussywillow Face Powder.
  • Louis Philippe launches the first indelible lipstick containing eosin.
  • Max Factor introduces eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil into his Supreme make-up line.
  • Northam Warren introduces Cutex Liquid Nail Enamel, a clear liquid nail polish.
  • Pompeian begins selling Pompeian Hair Massage, originally Hyki Tonic.
  • Pond’s Extract begins its ‘Every skin needs two creams’ advertising campaign.
  • George Westmore founds the first make-up department in an American motion picture studio at Selig-Polyscope Studios in Edendale, Los Angeles; creates false eyelashes using single lashes attached with adhesive.
  • Maybell Laboratories launches Maybelline, a cake mascara.
  • Max Factor releases Supreme Liquid Whitener for general use; and Make-Up Blender.
  • Northam Warren introduces Cutex Liquid Nail Enamel in a Natural (pink) shade.
  • Pompeian begins selling Pompeian Beauty Powder, Pompeian Bloom and Pompeian Day Cream.
  • Inecto releases Inecto Rapid hair dye.
  • Hannibal Pharmacal Company begins manufacturing Neet depilatory.
  • Max Factor develops his ‘Color Harmony’ principle.
  • France passes Cosmetic Ingredients Quality Control Bill.
  • Inecto Rapid hair dyes introduced into the U.S.
  • Kimberley-Clark begins selling Kotex sanitary napkins.
  • Lehn & Fink introduces Hinds Disappearing Cream.
  • Max Factor develops false strip eyelashes using human hair.
  • Morton Manufacturing Company begins making Chap Stick.
  • Northam Warren develops Cutex Cold Cream.
  • Pompeian puts out a new brand of talcum powder called Pompeian Fragrance.


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Rouge Baiser Lipstick
  • ‘Vogue’ Paris first published.
  • Caron introduces perfumed powders with Peau Fines and Tabac Blond.
  • Guerlain begins selling Lynx kohl as well as Rouge d’Enfer and Rose Lip Bengale lipsticks.
  • The Lowell Company develops Primrose House cosmetics.
  • Chanel launches Chanel No. 5.
  • Max Factor develops his Face Powder Brush.
  • The Stillman Company introduces Stillman’s Freckle Cream.
  • The Manufacturing Perfumers’ Association (MPA) changes its name to the American Manufacturers of Toilet Articles (AMTA).
  • George W. Luft Company introduces Tangee, a changeable lipstick (orange in the container, red on the lips).
  • The Domino brand of cosmetics launched by the Loesser Manufacturing Company, Montclair, N.J.
  • Lehn & Fink acquires Lysol from Schulke & Mayr.
  • Northam Warren improves the formula of Cutex Liquid Polish and Cutex Powder Polish.
  • First swivel lipstick patented by James Bruce Mason Jr. in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • First Poucher book ‘Encyclopedia of Cosmetics and Perfume’ published.
  • Kurlash, a tool for curling eyelashes, invented by William Beldue.
  • Pompeian begins selling the Nymfaun range.
  • The use of parabens as preservatives established by Theodor Sabalitschka (Germany).
  • Chanel introduces her first make-up line.
  • Elizabeth Arden begins importing Babani perfumes into the U.S.
  • Inecto, Inc. introduces NoToX hair dye into the U.S.
  • Kleenex facial tissues introduced by Kimberly, Clark & Company to remove cold cream.
  • Pacquin’s Dentists’ and Physicians’ Hand Cream launched.
  • Perc Westmore heads the new make-up department at First National Studios.
  • Pond’s Extract testimonial advertising campaign using socialites and royalty begins.
  • Richard Hudnut launches the Deauville line.
  • American Beauty Culture School Association formed in New York.
  • Armand develops Eau de Cologne Cleansing Cream.
  • Guerlain introduces La Poudre C’est Moi.
  • Lever Brothers launches Lux soap.
  • Max Factor releases Supreme Nail Polish powder.
  • Nivea repackaged in blue (previously yellow-green).
  • Société Française des Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux (L’Oréal) develops L’Oréal d’Or hair lightener.
  • Helena Rubinstein releases Cupids Bow an exclusive self-shaping lipstick.
  • Lifebuoy soap launched by Lever Brothers.
  • Marie Barlow launches her own cosmetic line.
  • Mascara 612 launched by Edouard Pinaud in France; sold in a tub and applied with a brush.
  • Proctor & Gamble launches Camay soap.
  • Wally Westmore heads the new make-up department at Paramount studios.
  • Moisture-proof Cellophane developed by William Hale Charch of DuPont.
  • Tegin, an emulsifying agent, introduced.
  • The preservative Paraben introduced by Julius Penner, A.G. into the United States.
  • Chanel develops her first skin-care line.
  • Coty creates Colcreme, a cold cream; and Crème de Coty, a vanishing cream.
  • The Doraldina Company introduces Doraldina Leg Make-up, the first commercial leg make-up.
  • Chemist Paul Baudecroux develops Rouge Baiser indelible lipstick (France).
  • Jean Patou creates the first sun lotion Huile de Chaldée.
  • Luxor Ltd. brings out a new line of cosmetics under the name Krasny.
  • Max Factor and begins nationwide distribution of Society Make-up which includes Society Nail Tint, a rose-coloured polishing cream and Society Nail White.
  • National Mineral Company (later Helene Curtis) introduces Peach Bloom Facial Mask, a clay pack.
  • Northam Warren brings out Cutex Cuticle Cream; and Cutex Cuticle Oil.
  • Opterapia GmbH begins selling Amor Skin, the first cosmetic hormone cream sold in the United States, through the Amorskin Corporation.
  • Richard Hudnut releases the Le Début perfumes to coincide with the opening of the Paris store.
  • The Pond’s Extract Company introduces Pond’s Skin Freshener & Tonic; and Pond’s Cleansing Tissues.
  • First soapless soaps introduced.
  • Triethanolamine (TEA), an emulsifier, becomes commercially available.
  • ‘Soap, Perfumes and Cosmetics’ first published (U.K.).
  • Schade and Marchionini coin the term ‘acid mantle’ to describe the low pH film on the skin.
  • First chemical sunscreen containing benzyl salicylate and benzyl cinnamate developed by E. Klarmann for Lehn & Fink. First used in Dorothy Gray Sunburn Cream.
  • Chanel develops her first sun lotion.
  • Charles of the Ritz launches a full line of cosmetics into the U.S. market.
  • Crystal Chemical Company begins selling Outdoor Girl.
  • Elizabeth Arden introduces Vienna Youth Mask, a diathermy salon treatment.
  • Hannibal Pharmacal Company introduces Neet cream depilatory.
  • Max Factor develops Panchromatic make-up; and Lip Pomade.
  • Northam Warren releases Perfumed Cutex Liquid Polish.
  • Pacquin’s Hand Cream launched.
  • Armand develops the Symphonie shade of cold cream face powder and the Florian line of cosmetics for men.
  • Beiersdorf markets the first deodorant in salve form.
  • Coty introduces Cotytan a liquid powder; Potonique Toning Lotion, a skin tonic; Eau de Coty and astringent; Tissue Cream; and Crème de Beauté.
  • Dorothy Gray introduces Texture Lotion; and Finishing Lotion.
  • Marie Earle product line repackaged.
  • Max Factor receives an Oscar for make-up; markets the first commercial lip brush.
  • Maybelline produces its first eyeliners, eyebrow pencils and eyeshadows.
  • Prince Matchabelli begins selling Belila, a liquid whitener; and Bronzina, a liquid tan.
  • Richard Hudnut launches Poudre le Début face powder.
  • Société Française des Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux (L’Oréal) develops Imédia Liquide hair dye; and L’Oréal Blanc bleaching powder.
  • Yardley introduces English Complexion Cream.


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Pan-cake Make-up
  • Alexandra de Markoff cosmetics launched in the U.S.
  • Boncilla launches a new line of toilet preparations sold under the name of Markz.
  • Coty repackages its men’s line; introduces Manicure Kits; and Perfumed Manicure Polish.
  • Glazo brings out three nail polish reds (Flame, Geranium and Crimson) to match lipsticks.
  • Lifebuoy soap starts its B. O. marketing campaign.
  • Joy perfume introduced by Jean Patou.
  • Peggy Sage introduces three nail polish reds (Palm Beach Coral, Biarritz Red and Lido Crimson) to match lipsticks.
  • Almay Products (New York) introduces the Almay line.
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) founded.
  • Atlas Corporation develops the humectants sorbitol and mannitol (U.S.).
  • Koremlu scandal (depilatory cream containing thallium acetate) (U.S.).
  • Coty introduces Liquefying Cleansing Cream.
  • Dorothy Gray launches Lashique, a mascara; and Sensitive Skin Cream.
  • Lesquendieu introduces Eclador Almond Cream.
  • Lehn & Fink releases Hinds Texture Cream, Hinds Cleansing Cream; and Hinds Toning Lotion.
  • Lydia O’Leary begins selling Covermark, the first commercial camouflage cream.
  • Norwich Pharmacal develops Unguentine skin cream (U.K.).
  • Charles Revson starts work for Elka selling nail polish.
  • Helena Rubinstein launches Hormone Twin Youthifiers containing the Day Hormone Twin and Night Hormone Twin creams (U.S.).
  • Mary Garden sues Rigaud for $100,000 damages.
  • Northam Warren adds Cutex Nail White Pencil.
  • Richard Hudnut introduces the Gemey line into the United States.
  • Revenue Act imposes a tax on cosmetics and toilet articles (U.S.).
  • Import Duties Act imposes 30% duty on imported cosmetics and toiletries (U.K.); a temporary 50% duty had been levied in 1931.
  • ‘Votre Beauté’ first published, Paris.
  • Eugene Sutter introduces the use of ammonia as the curling medium in permanent waves.
  • Coty releases a new Indelible Lipstick.
  • Dorothy Gray releases Liquid Cleanser.
  • Marie Earle begins selling Hand Lotion, Eye Wash and Eye Cream.
  • Max Factor develops his first make-up for black-and-white television.
  • Maybelline creates a 10-cent mascara for drug and variety stores.
  • Northam Warren adds Cutex Hand Cream to the Cutex line.
  • Peggy Sage introduces a cream Hand Whitener.
  • Pond’s Extract launches Pond’s Face Powder.
  • Prince Matchabelli debuts Abano Bath Oil.
  • Revlon begins selling cream nail polish.
  • Richard Hudnut launches the Marvelous line in the United States.
  • Lash Lure scandal (U.S.).
  • ‘Votre Beauté’ established as a separate magazine by Eugène Schueller (L’Oréal). It was first introduced as a supplement of ‘La coiffure de Paris’ in 1909.
  • Dorothy Gray begins selling Make-up Foundation Cream.
  • Max Factor releases Super-Indelible Lipstick.
  • Pond’s Extract launches Pond’s Liquefying Cream.
  • Prince Matchabelli debuts Tanabano sun oil.
  • Revlon introduces Adheron, a base-coat.
  • Société Française des Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux (L’Oréal) brings out Dopal the first soap free shampoo.
  • Luxury tax applied to cosmetics (U.S.).
  • Karl Meyer and his laboratory assistant John Palmer announce the discovery of Hyaluronan.
  • Arnold F. Wilmatt develops a cold permanent wave using ammonium hydrosulflte (U.S.).
  • Académie Scientifique de Beauté introduces Vivormones hormone ampoules that are applied to the skin.
  • Charles of the Ritz introduces Rejuvenescence, a face cream.
  • Chesebrough launches Vaseline Lip Ice.
  • Dorothy Gray brings out Cleansing Cream 683 for dry skins.
  • Helena Rubinstein begins selling the Hormone Beauty Mask.
  • Marie Earle introduces Nurimor dry skin cream; and repackages the product line.
  • Max Factor introduces Liquid Nail Enamel.
  • Northam Warren adds Cutex Crème Nail Polish, Cutex Oily Polish Remover and Cutex Oily Cuticle Remover to the Cutex line.
  • Pond’s Extract begins selling Pond’s Liquefying Cream.
  • Primrose House introduces Delv, an all-purpose cream.
  • Procter & Gamble develops Drene, a soapless shampoo.
  • The American Associated Manufacturers of Toilet Articles (AMTA) is renamed the Toilet Goods Association (TGA).
  • First film photographed entirely in three-strip Technicolor film, ‘Becky Sharp’ (Pioneer/RKO), is released.
  • Armand introduces Armand Blended Cream; and Wind Blown Roses Powder.
  • Boots introduce their No. 7 cosmetics range.
  • Carter Medicine Company introduces Arrid antiperspirant.
  • Colgate releases Cashmere Bouquet Face Powder.
  • Coty begins selling Air-Spun Face Powder.
  • Elizabeth Arden introduces Stage & Screen film make-up; Arden Hair-Off depilatory.
  • Germain Monteil introduces her cosmetic line into the U.S.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer develops Ayer Cream Nail Enamel.
  • Helene Viethaler Winterstein patents the first waterproof mascara (Vienna).
  • Marie Earle develops Astringent Throat Cream.
  • Max Factor begins selling Satin Smooth Liquid Foundation and Satin Smooth Powder.
  • Northam Warren adds matching Cutex Lipsticks to its nail polish range.
  • Pompeian introduces a new line and scraps the old one.
  • Rose Laird introduces Poudre-Set.
  • Société des Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux (L’Oréal) develops Ambre Solaire sunscreen.
  • The Westmore brothers start the House of Westmore line.
  • ‘Marie Claire’ first published, Paris.
  • Clark-Milner develop Hide-It, a cream concealer.
  • Coty introduces Avocado Beauty Milk and Avocado Beauty Soap.
  • Dorothy Gray releases Salon Cold Cream.
  • Elizabeth Arden launches Eight Hour Cream.
  • Guerlain introduces the Rouge Automatique lipstick case.
  • Germaine Monteil brings out her first lipstick.
  • Lancôme creates Nutrix cream containing an antioxidant derived from horse blood, described by Petitjean as his Queen of Creams.
  • Lydia O’Leary begins selling Spot-Stick, a stick concealer.
  • Northam Warren introduces Cutex Brittle Nail Cream.
  • Peggy Sage develops Gardenia Liquid Hand Cream.
  • Primrose House releases Dry Skin Mixture and Goggle Eye Cream.
  • Richard Hudnut develops Du Barry Stimulating Cream, Du Barry Rose Cream Mask, Derma-Sec Formula for Dry Skin and Du Barry Eye Cream; Marvelous ‘Eye-Matched Make-up’ campaign begins.
  • Rose Laird introduces Solo Cleanser and Solo Masque.
  • Tampons invented by Tambrands (long known as Tampax).
  • Tattoo adds a cream mascara as a companion product to their lipstick.
  • Yardley Liquefying Cleansing Cream introduced.
  • The American Medical Association states that no cosmetic can be ‘non-allergic’ and that companies can no longer make that claim in advertisements in its journal.
  • Cleansing pads first introduced into the U.S.
  • Boots introduce colour cosmetics into their No. 7 range.
  • Coty adds Air Spun Rouge.
  • Dorothy Gray adds vitamin D to their emollient creams.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer develops Nail Oil; Afterbath Lotion; and Aftershave Lotion.
  • Helena Rubinstein introduces Costume Lipsticks in five shades.
  • Hirestra Laboratories, Inc. begins selling Endocreme containing the hormone estradiol.
  • Lehn & Fink adds vitamin D to Hinds Honey and Almond Cream.
  • Max Factor introduces Pan-Cake; and Sun Tan Oil.
  • Miner’s creates Blemi-Stik to mask facial blemishes.
  • National Cosmetics Inc. develops Modern Mascara, a cylindrical cake mascara that used a spiral brush applicator.
  • National Mineral Company introduces Suave Hairdressing hair tonic.
  • Pond’s Extract adds vitamin A to its skin creams.
  • Primrose House releases Chiffon Cleansing Cream.
  • Rose Laird introduces Shaperone Hand Cream and Greaseless Deodorant.
  • Shulton begins selling the Early American Old Spice line.
  • Wings Products introduces Hollywood Wings, medicated pink tabs shaped like wings to be applied to facial frowns and wrinkles.
  • Yardley develops English Complexion Powder.
  • Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act passed (U.S.).
  • The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) seizes Lash Lure and Magic-Di-Stik.
  • Coty releases Foundation Lotion; and Avocado Shaving Stick.
  • Courtley Ltd. introduces the Courtley line of men’s toiletries.
  • Diadermine (the largest selling French facial cleanser) launched in the U.S.
  • Dorothy Gray Portrait Face Power debuts; and adds vitamin A to its emollient creams.
  • Elizabeth Arden begins selling the Intra-cellular Mask.
  • Jacqueline Cochran brings out her own line of cosmetics.
  • Lancôme introduces Rose de France lipstick.
  • Lehn & Fink adds vitamin A to Hinds Honey and Almond Cream.
  • Lorr Laboratories, Inc., New Jersey, develops Dura-Gloss nail polish.
  • Northam Warren releases Cutex Polish Foundation.
  • Revlon introduces Solvent, a nail polish thinner; Prolon, a cream designed to prevent nails from splitting and breaking; and Lactol, a brittle nail treatment.
  • Richard Hudnut launches Du Barry Cleansing Cream for Dry Skin.
  • Rose Laird introduces her Young Skin range and Dry Skin Cream.
  • Rouge Baiser Black Lipstick introduced into the U.S.
  • Shulton begins selling Early American Old Spice for men.
  • Will Baltzer develops the sunscreen Gletscher Crème (Glacier Cream), which becomes the basis for the company Piz Buin.
  • The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) tells cosmetic firms to stop using terms like ‘Skin Food’, ‘Tonic Food’, ‘Tissue tonic’, or similar which imply that the skin will be nourished.
  • First report of hydroquinone depigmenting the skin made by Dr Edward A. Oliver (U.S.)
  • Alfred D. McKelvy Company introduces Seaforth, a men’s toiletry line.
  • The Doraldina company introduces the Powder Blender for individual powder blending at the cosmetic counter. Later used in the Charles of the Ritz powder bars.
  • Dorothy Gray releases Elation Make-up Film; and Hot Weather Cleansing Cream.
  • Helena Rubinstein launches Waterproof Mascara; and demonstrates the Polaroid Dermascope, a skin analyser that uses polarised light.
  • Max Factor launches smear-proof Tru-Color Lipstick; and Invisible Make-Up Foundation.
  • Revlon starts selling lipsticks to match their nail enamels.
  • Richard Hudnut Success School starts; and Du Barry Make-up Base introduced.
  • Rose Laird introduces Young Skin Deodorant and Tanologne a suncreen.


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Coppertone Suntan
  • The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is moved from the Department of Agriculture to the Federal Security Agency.
  • Barbara Gould introduces the Skylark line.
  • Carter Medicine Company releases Nair depilatory.
  • Coty introduces Sub-Tint; and a mascara.
  • Dorothy Gray releases Color Cue which harmonises lipstick, nail polish and face powder.
  • Elizabeth Arden launches a nail line.
  • George W. Luft adds a third lipstick shade, Red Red, to its Tangee lipsticks.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer introduces Beautifying Mask; and Bubbling Bath.
  • Jacqueline Cochran begins selling Chromablend.
  • Lancôme launches Discoteint, a liquid version of its compact powder.
  • Lehn & Fink develops Hinds Deodorant Cream.
  • Maurice Levy reintroduces Papier Poudre into the U.S.
  • Milkmaid, Inc. launches the Milkmaid line of cosmetics.
  • Northam Warren brings out a porous nail polish.
  • Peggy Sage harmonises 12 nail polish shades with seven lipstick houses: Schiaparelli, Lelong, Lentheric, Charles of the Ritz, Du Barry, Dorothy Gray and Coty.
  • Pond’s Extract Co. introduces Lips lipsticks.
  • Primrose House brings out Chiffon Lipsticks.
  • Revlon begins selling Cheek Stick, a cream rouge in a stick form; and Pearl Hand Cream.
  • Richard Hudnut starts the Du Barry Success Course.
  • Shulton releases the Early American Friendship’s Garden line.
  • Westmore adds mascara to its make-up lines.
  • Alfred D. McKelvy Company develops Seaforth Hair Dressing.
  • Charles of the Ritz introduces Complexion Veil powder base.
  • Cyclax of London releases Stockingless Cream to be used instead of stockings.
  • Dorothy Gray releases Nosegay make-up.
  • Elizabeth Arden brings out Velva Leg Film.
  • Elmo introduces the Photo Finish line.
  • Helena Rubinstein launches the Gourielli line.
  • Hinds Honey and Almond Cream renamed Hinds Honey and Almond Fragrance Cream.
  • Northam Warren redesigns the Cutex packaging and releases Cutex Overcoat a quick drying finish.
  • Pond’s Extract Company begins selling Pond’s Dry Skin Cream.
  • Revlon introduces Seal-Fast, a clear top-coat; and a lipstick brush.
  • Shulton debuts Desert Flower, its first line that includes make-up; adds face powder to the Early American Old Spice range.
  • American Army studies sunburn prevention and recommends red veterinary petrolatum with added phenyl salicylate.
  • Armand develops Armand Play-Proof a pancake type make-up; and Armand Stocking Stick leg makeup.
  • Chesebrough introduces Vaseline Cream Hair Tonic.
  • Coty introduces Shapelip lipstick.
  • Germaine Monteil closes her couture business and concentrates on cosmetics, including Rose Skin Cream, Super-Glow Foundation, Super-moist lipstickand Super-sheen powder.
  • Frances Denney begins selling Overtone cake make-up.
  • Marie Earle develops Essential Foundation.
  • Pond’s Extract Company introduces Dreamflower face powder; and Cheek dry rouge in five shades.
  • Primrose House launches Forget-Me-Not Face Powder.
  • Rose Laird introduces Liquid Lather a soapless cleanser.
  • Westmores introduces Overglo Liquid Cream Foundation.
  • John Daize and his associates introduce the Draize eye test to establish the safety of products to be used in the eyes.
  • Marie Earle develops Perfection Leg Make-up.
  • Pond’s Extract Company introduces Make-Up Pat, a cake foundation.
  • Primrose House begins selling Beauti-Lashes and Beauti-Nails salon treatments.
  • Revlon introduces Wind-Milled face powders; and Leg Silk leg make-up.
  • Richard Hudnut Du Barry Beauty Cake make-up launched.
  • Rose Laird introduces Protective Make-Up Film.
  • ‘Seventeen’, a magazine for teenage girls, first published (U.S.).
  • Coppertone Suntan Cream containing red veterinary petrolatum launched by Benjamin Green.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer introduces Ayeristocrat Sponge-on Make-up.
  • Toni Corporation markets a home permanent.
  • Westmores introduces Overglo Face Powder, the first transparent face powder.
  • Society of Cosmetic Chemists founded in America.
  • Benjamin Green adds Coppertone Suntan Oil to its product line.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer introduces Eye Cream; and Ayer Dry, an antiperspirant.
  • Helena Rubinstein releases Conceal a concealer in light and dark shades.
  • Hoffman La Roche launches Pantene.
  • Lehn & Fink adds lanolin to Hinds Honey and Almond Fragrance Cream.
  • L’Oréal introduces Oréol, a cold permanent wave for colour treated hair.
  • Northam Warren debuts Cutex Oily Quick Dry.
  • Primrose House begins selling Chiffon Smoothskin Lotion.
  • Prince Matchabelli develops the Duchess of York make-up line.
  • Rilling Arnao & Co. introduces Nail-Dri, a nail oil to set and dry nail enamel.
  • Rose Laird introduces Atrogene Cream and Leg Tone leg make-up.
  • Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie (CIDESCO) founded in Brussels by Georges Dumont from Belgium and Jacques Poirsons from France.
  • Armand develops the Pearls in Wine make-up line.
  • Beauty Counselors introduces Liquid Beauty, a powder cream made as an oil-in-water emulsion.
  • Coty introduces new pack designs.
  • Daggett & Ramsdell introduce Gay Manhattan the first commercial aerosol perfume.
  • Elizabeth Arden opens a second Maine Chance spa/health farm in Arizona.
  • Estée Lauder markets Cleansing Oil; Crème Pack; Skin Lotion; and Super Rich All Purpose Crème.
  • Marie Earle develops Golden Morn, a dry skin cream.
  • Max Factor creates a new make-up for black-and-white television.
  • Perma-Nail Base Coat, the first base coat, introduced by the Perma-Nail Company, California.
  • Pond’s Extract Company launches Angel Face compact powder.
  • Primrose House introduces Estrogenic Hormone Cream.
  • Revlon introduces Everon, a base coat.
  • Alfred D. McKelvy develops Seaforth Brushless Shave Cream.
  • Dior launches the New Look.
  • Aluminium chlorohydrate introduced into antiperspirants.
  • Brendan O’Regan opens the first first duty free-shop in Shannon Airport, Ireland.
  • Eylure Cosmetics begin selling false eyelashes.
  • Lancôme releases Progrès.
  • Marie Earle introduces Peach Satin Cream for the neck and chest.
  • Max Factor creates Pan-Stik make-up.
  • Northam Warren develops Cutex Nail Brilliance, a nail polish containing enamelon.
  • Peggy Sage launches Shimmer Sheen nail polishes and Shimmer lipstick to match.
  • Revlon begins selling Aquamarine Lotion, a hand lotion; and Fashion Plate, a pressed-cream make-up.
  • Richard Hudnut introduces Du Barry Sophisti-Cake cake make-up.
  • Schwarzkopf launches their first cold permanent-wave product; and Poly Color home hair dye.
  • Stopette spray antiperspirant, the first commercial product to use a polyethylene squeeze bottle, developed by Jules Montenier, Inc.
  • The American Medical Association sets up a Committee on Cosmetics.
  • British section of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists holds its inaugural meeting.
  • Society of Practitioners in Electrolysis (later British Institute & Association of Electrolysis) founded (U.K.).
  • Armour & Company introduces Dial soap containing hexachlorophene (G-11).
  • Coty develops Pastel-Tint.
  • Eylure Cosmetics begins selling false fingernails.
  • Gala of London introduces Lip Line, thin refillable lipsticks.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer develops Pretty Package, a line for juniors.
  • Lancaster releases Crème Embryonnaire made with placental extract.
  • Marie Earle begins selling Aralinn skin lotion.
  • Primrose House introduces Deep Pore Cleansing Cream.
  • Revlon begins selling Lip Fashion, a slim lipstick.
  • Richard Hudnut brings out the Home Permanent Wave.
  • Rimmel introduces Lip Palette.
  • Interferential Therapy developed by Dr. Hans Nemec of Vienna.
  • Oeil de biche (doe-eyed) look created by M. Fernand Aubrey.
  • Académie Scientifique de Beauté introduces Bronzécran, a cream sunscreen.
  • Coty introducesCreamy Lipstick.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer develops Complete Home Permanent; Cream Shampoo; Cream Rinse; Ayeristocrat Creamy Foundation; and Dry Skin Cream,
  • Hirestra Laboratories, Inc. begins selling Hormone Hair Beauty, Shampoo and Scalp Conditioner.
  • Prince Matchabelli develops Golden Crownstick lipstick.
  • Richard Hudnut Du Barry line repackaged; and Du Barry Sophisti-Cream cream make-up developed.


advertising image
  • Beiersdorf introduces Ph5 Eucerin cream.
  • Pond’s begins selling Angel Face cream powder.
  • Carter Products, Inc. release Rise shaving foam, the first commercially successful aerosol cosmetic.
  • Clairol introduced Miss Clairol Hair Color Bath a hair-colouring kit.
  • Clearasil developed by Ivan Combe and the chemist Kedzie Teller (U.S.).
  • Coty introduces Shakti cologne and body deodorant.
  • Dorothy Gray launches Lipstick Couplet lipstick; Liquid Cleansing Cream; and Dual-Purpose Emollient.
  • Gala debuts Lip Liner lipstick.
  • Hazel Bishop Lasting Lipstick goes on sale in department stores.
  • Max Factor brings out the World of Beauty line; and Night Facial Stik.
  • Northam Warren develops Cutex Pearl Brilliance nail polish.
  • Pacquin releases Silk ’n Satin all-over body lotion.
  • Revlon introduces Touch and Glow, a liquid make-up; Nail-Fix, for mending broken nails; and Dreamy Eye Make-up.
  • Richard Hudnut begins selling Du Barry Cream Superbe and Richard Hudnut Formula A-10 anti-dandruff tonic.
  • Rose Laird introduces Thelium Massaqe Cream.
  • Alfred D. McKelvy introduces Seaforth Groomstick, a solid after-shave lotion.
  • Beiersdorf markets 8x4 Seife, Europe’s first deodorant soap.
  • Ivan D. Combe brings out Clearasil, a medicated acne cream.
  • Guerlain develops Emulsion d’Ambroisie skin serum.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer releases Formulayer Moisture Cream; Cleanse-Ayer, a liquid cleanser; Ayerfast, an indelible lipstick; First Blush, a liquid foundation; and Sun Tan Lotion.
  • Helene Curtis introduces Spray Net aerosol hairspray.
  • Max Factor introduces the Signature toiletries line for men; and adds soap and talcum powder to the World of Beauty line.
  • Northam Warren develops the Spillpruf bottle for the Cutex line; and releases Cutex Nail-Flex.
  • Peggy Sage introduces Hand Smoother and Softener Cream; Finishing Cream; and Crystallin Finish nail polish.
  • Revlon introduces Indelible-Creme Lipstick.
  • Richard Hudnut Tru-Tint home hair colour released.
  • Yardley debuts Feather Pressed. a pressed powder compact.
  • Alfred D. McKelvy introduces Seaforth Veladron Brushless Shave Cream; Seaforth Presto-Lather Shave Cream; and Seaforth Stāvo spray deodorant.
  • Paul B. Elder Co. introduces Benoquin (containing a monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone) to inhibit melanin production, the first preparation of its kind.
  • Acetylated lanolin, made by American Cholesterol Products (later Amerchol) becomes commercially available.
  • Elmer E. Mills Corporation introduces the first plastic squeeze bottle that could be sprayed in an inverted position. First used in Bounce!, a foot deodoriser.
  • Académie Scientifique de Beauté debuts Cover Cream, a liquid foundation.
  • Bristol-Myer launches Ban Roll-On deodorant.
  • Coty introduces Instant Beauty; and Cream Powder.
  • Dorothy Gray releases Remoldine with and without hormones; and Cellogen Cream with hormones.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer creates Ayer Magic, a cream concealer; and Flowing Formulayer Moisture Balm.
  • Hazel Bishop introduces Complexion Glow, a liquid-cream rouge.
  • Helena Rubenstein develops Contour Lift Film.
  • Marie Earle releases Masque Glace, a cream foundation; and Aralinn Foundation a liquid foundation.
  • Prince Matchabelli introduces Extra Deep Skin Cleanser; and Liquid Make-up.
  • Max Factor begins selling Color-Fast Lipstick.
  • Northam Warren develops Cutex Stay-Fast, an indelible lipstick.
  • Revlon introduces White Sable Liquid Cleansing Cream; and Second Nature, a liquid make-up base.
  • Primrose House imports Le Secret de Blanche Delysia from France; the first albumin wrinkle smoother to go on sale in the U.S.
  • Richard Hudnut starts selling Du Barry Flatter Face compressed powder and Chen Yu Cloudsilk make-up and face powder.
  • Shulton Desert Flower line repackaged; Desert Flower Hand and Body Lotion released.
  • U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) gets agreement from advertisers that lipsticks can only claim to be ‘indelible’, ‘smear proof’, or ‘non-smear’ if the word ‘type’ was used with such descriptions.
  • Alfred D. McKelvy introduces Seaforth Spiced Shave Lotion; and the Black Watch line.
  • Coty releases Body Beautiful Lotion; Instant Cleanser; Homogenized Cleansing Cream; and Homogenized Night Cream.
  • Dorothy Gray Quick Cleansing Cream debuts.
  • Elizabeth Arden launches Arden for Men.
  • Estée Lauder begins selling Youth Dew Bath Oil.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer introduces Apricot Cream; and Scented Sun Lotion.
  • Hazel Bishop develops Long-Lasting Nail Enamel.
  • Max Factor introduces Creme Puff, a compact make-up.
  • Orlane releases Gelée Royale containing royal jelly.
  • Primrose House introduces Chiffon Solid Hand Lotion containing lanolin.
  • Revlon brings out Moon Drops Moisture Balm; Cuticle Massage Cream; Creamy Cuticle Remover; Love-Pat, a pressed powder-cream make-up; Waking Beauty, night cream treatment for dry skin; and Silicare, a hand cream.
  • Richard Hudnut closes the Du Barry Success Course and the Success School; introduces Du Barry Flatter-Glo matt finish make-up; Drystick cream deodorant/antiperspirant; and Spray and Stay hairspray.
  • Commercial television advertising commences in the U.K.
  • Académie Scientifique de Beauté introduces Hydraderm Cream.
  • Charles Attwell develops Touch-Up Stik, a stick concealer.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer introduces Luxuria Creme Powder Pat.
  • Hazel Bishop introduces Long-Lasting Nail Polish.
  • Juvena release their first cosmetics.
  • Johnson & Johnson develops No More Tears baby shampoo.
  • Marie Earle introduces Queen Bee Cream containing royal jelly.
  • Max Factor develops Erace, a stick concealer; Secret Key; and a new make-up for RCA compatible colour television.
  • Pond’s Extract Company releases Angel Lips; and Angel Skin Hand Lotion.
  • Revlon begins selling Lanolite Lipstick; Build-Up, an astringent skin tightener; Silken-Net, a liquid hair spray; and Quick-Dry, non-smear nail spray.
  • Richard Hudnut releases Du Barry Liquid Treasure with vitamins A, D & E and Du Barry Penetrating Balm with hormones, vitamins and lanolin; Richard Hudnut Pink Suds skin cleanser for teenagers; and Gemey Teint Clair Fluide foundation.
  • Shulton repackages the Early American Old Spice line.
  • Westmores introduces Beauty Stick, a stick concealer.
  • Yardley Vitamin Night Cream debuts.
  • Danish Society of Cosmetic Chemists formed.
  • Alfred D. McKelvy introduces Seaforth Pre-Lim Electric Shave Aid.
  • Coty introduces Cream Powder Compact; Vitamin A-D Complex Cream, Coty “24”, an indelible lipstick and Preferred Stock, a toilet goods line for men.
  • Dorothy Gray develops Sili-Creme Lotion.
  • Hazel Bishop begins selling Compact Make-up.
  • Lancôme releases their Ocean line.
  • Lever Brothers introduces Dove, the first commercially successful synthetic detergent bar.
  • L’Oréal introduces Colorelle, the first colouring shampoo.
  • Max Factor brings out the Hi-Fi make-up range; and Sebb, a dandruff treatment.
  • Northam Warren releases Cutex Satin Cling Lipstick and Cutex Sheer Lanolin Lipstick.
  • Parfums Christian Dior produces its first cosmetics.
  • Proctor & Gamble launches Crest the first toothpaste to contain flouride.
  • Revlon releases Living Lipstick; Lustrous Lipstick; Superbase, a base coat; Lastron Nail Enamel; Touch & Glow Face Powder; Clean and Clear, a liquid cleanser; and Silicare Medicated Hand Lotion.
  • Richard Hudnut develops Du Barry Royal Treatment Cream with royal jelly; and Du Barry Liquid Bloom complexion tint.
  • Shulton releases Bronztan sunscreen.
  • Yardley Feather Finish a pressed cream powder compact introduced.
  • Clairol introduces Miss Clairol a home hair-colouring kit.
  • Coty develops Vitamin A-D Lotion; French Formula Liquid Make-up; Vitamin Moisture Balancer; and Fairy Princess, a children’s line.
  • Dorothy Gray releases Satura Face Cream.
  • Eylure Cosmetics introduces Lipfix, a lipstick sealant.
  • Hazel Bishop introduces Facial Cleanser (in dry and oily forms); Liquid Make-up; and Once a Day Hair Spray.
  • Helene Curtis Industries release Purse/Spray the first refillable aerosol.
  • Helena Rubinstein introduces Skin Dew a moisturising emulsion.
  • Max Factor introduces Hi-Fi lipsticks; and Dri-Mist, an antiperspirant.
  • Pacquin releases Anti-Detergent Cream hand cream.
  • Revlon introduces Futurama lipstick cases; Medicated Baby Silicare lotion; and Sun Bath, a sun tan lotion.
  • Richard Hudnut introduces Du Barry Lotion Superbe hand cream; and the Du Barry Paradox line.
  • First CIDESCO Beauty Therapy Schools accredited in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.
  • German Society of Cosmetic Chemists formed.
  • Purchase Tax on cosmetics dropped from 90 to 60% (U.K.).
  • Chesebrough-Pond’s develops Valcreen a hair cream in a tube; and Pond’s Angel Touch liquid make-up.
  • Coty launches Fastan and Slotan suntan lotions; and Curl Set hairspray.
  • Dorothy Gray Satura Sheen and tinted powder foundation launched.
  • Estée Lauder introduces Re-Nutriv skin cream.
  • Helena Rubinstein launches the Mascara-matic, the first commercially successful mascara tube and wand applicator.
  • Max Factor begins selling Cup of Youth hormone skin cream; Hi-Fi Cream Mascara; Foot Light, a foot spray; and Pre-Electric Shave Lotion for men.
  • Maybelline introduces self-sharpening eyebrow and eyeliner pencils.
  • Prince Matchabelli introduces Polyderm skin cream.
  • Revlon launches Liquid Asset, a two-phase liquid to normalise both dry and oily skins; Touch & Glow Pressed Powder; Waterproof Cream Mascara; Clean and Clear for Very Dry Skin; Seven Wonders, a dry skin cream; Futurama Compacts; and High and Dri, a roll on deodorant.
  • Richard Hudnut begins selling Du Barry Creme Mascara.
  • Shulton Desert Flower Beauty Clean cleansing lotion debuts.
  • Vick Chemical Company develops Polyderm skin cream.
  • American Electrology Association founded.
  • The first CIDESCO Diploma issued.
  • Cyclax introduces Mainly for Men range.
  • Hazel Bishop develops a complete eye make-up line including mascara, eye shadow and eye pencil.
  • Helena Rubinstein releases Tree of Life, a placental cream.
  • Maybelline introduces Magic Mascara, the first filament twisted (spiral) brush automatic mascara.
  • Max Factor begins selling Facial Bath, a liquid facial cleanser; the Mascara Wand, the first refillable automatic mascara; and Sun Bliss Suntan, as an aerosol and cream in tube.
  • Noxzema develops High Noon suntan lotion.
  • Revlon introduces the Princess Marcella Borghese line; Moon Drops Moisture Foundation; Thin Down, tablets for weight reduction; Wonder Base, a base coat; Living Curl, a hair spray; Roll-On Mascara an automatic mascara; and Top Brass Deodorant and Top Brass After Shave Lotion.
  • Richard Hudnut releases Du Barry Elixir Natale and Du Barry Creme Natale containing placental extract; Du Barry Cloudsilk Pearled Face Powder; Du Barry Royal Lipstick, Du Barry Royal Shampoo, Du Barry Royal Creme Rinse, and Du Barry Royal Hair Conditioner each containing royal jelly; and Du Barry Penetrating Cleanser with enzymes.
  • Shulton Desert Flower Beauty Ice introduced.
  • Beauty Without Cruelty founded by Lady Muriel Dowding (U.K.).
  • International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) formed with Maison G. deNavarre as President.
  • Japan Cosmetic Industry Association established.
  • Ambre Solaire goes on sale in the U.K.
  • Chesebrough-Pond’s introduces Pond’s Moisture Base; and Pond’s Flowing Cold Cream.
  • Coty launches Liquid Eye Lights, a liquid liner, eye shadow and mascara; and Duo-matic, an automatic mascara and eye crayon in one.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer develops Cristal Facial, a skin freshening jelly.
  • Helena Rubinstein launches Ultra Feminine Face Cream containing estrogens and progesterone.
  • Lilly Daché releases the Penetron Treatment Kit.
  • Max Factor introduces Active Moisturizer; Skin Clear Medicated Cleanser; Skin Clear Medicated Foam;Iridescent Magic Lipstick; Translucent Creme Puff; and Translucent Face Powder.
  • Northam Warren develops Cutex Delicate Lipstick; and Cutex Mira-base base coat.
  • Noxzema releases Noxzema Medicated Skin Lotion.
  • Prince Matchabelli introduces Polyderm Skin Freshener.
  • Revlon releases Ultima face cream; Intimate Hand Lotion; and Aquamarine After Bath Freshener and Aquamarine Milk Bath.
  • Richard Hudnut introduces Lip Quick the first ball-point, roll-on lipstick.
  • Shulton repackages and renames Friendship’s Garden line; Ice-O-Derm Medicated Astringent released.


advertising image
Angel Face
  • Color Additives Act passed (U.S.).
  • Chesebrough-Pond’s releases Pond’s Skin Fresh.
  • Coty develops Dermacare, a medicated treatment kit.
  • Helene Curtis begins selling Tender Touch bath oil.
  • Max Factor introduces Hand and Body Smoothing Lotion; and Sheer Genius liquid make-up.
  • Revlon releases Ultima Make-up Collection; and Moon Drops Moisturizing Cleanser and Moon Drops Facial Freshener.
  • Richard Hudnut releases Du Barry Creme Paradox skin cream.
  • Rose Laird introduces Solution P-5 and Ointment P-5 for psoriasis; and Scalp & Skin Lotion F-35 for acne and blemishes.
  • Shulton repackages Early American Old Spice line.
  • Chesebrough-Pond’s introduces Angel Face cosmetics into the U.K.
  • Coty develops 60-Second Facial; Light and Lovely all-in-one-make-up; and Instant Radiance, a hair colour rinse.
  • Dorothy Gray Secret of the Sea treatment cream released.
  • Gillette brings out Right Guard, the first aerosol deodorant.
  • Hazel Bishop releases Creme ’N Powder.
  • Max Factor introduces Swedish Formula Hand Cream; Sheer Genius Extra Cover; Finishing Powder; California Sun Pastels; and Nail Satin nail polish.
  • Noxzema launches Cover Girl Liquid Make-up; Cover Girl Compressed Powder; and Cover Girl Face Powder.
  • Prince Matchabelli introduces Polyderm Moisturising Lotion; Abano Dry Skin Treatment Bath Oil; and Tact stick deodorant/antiperspirant.
  • Proctor & Gamble begins selling Head and Shoulders, an anti-dandruff shampoo.
  • Revlon introduces Contempera, a cream make-up; Eterna 27 skin cream containing pregnenolone acetate; Eye Velvet, moisturising fluid cream eye shadow; Super Lustrous II lipstick; and a men’s line called That Man.
  • Franz Greiter introduces the concept of Sun Protection Factor (SPF).
  • Chesebrough-Pond’s markets all Pond’s make-up products under the Angel Face trademark; launches Angel Face Galaxy Lipstick; Angel Face Medicated Compact Powder; and Angel Face Medicated Cream Make-up.
  • Clarins releases Tensur Bust bust cream; and Masvelt body shaping cream.
  • Helena Rubinstein introduces ‘Day of Beauty’ and Fashion Stick lipstick.
  • Max Factor releases Fine Line lipstick; Pure Magic Medicated Liquid Make-up; and Pure Magic Medicated Fashion Make-up in compact and powder forms.
  • Noxzema develops Cover Girl Matt Make-up.
  • Revlon introduces Natural Wonder, a medicated make-up range; Blush-On tinted blending powder; Wonder Cover corrective spot make-up; Contempera special formula for dry skin; Moon Drops Extra Emollient Moisture Balm for dry skin; Sculptura, a slim line lipstick; Flex protein treatment for hair.
  • Richard Hudnut begins selling Du Barry Flatter Magic powder-plus-foundation.
  • Shulton releases Old Spice Outdoor Lotion for men.
  • Beiersdorf introduces Nivea Milk, a liquid oil-in-water emulsion for all-over body care.
  • Christian Dior releases Crème Apricot; and night cream for nails.
  • Elizabeth Arden receives a Royal Warrant (U.K.).
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer launches the Miss Ayer range for young women.
  • Max Factor releases Golden Woods bath line; California Bronze, a suntan lotion; Pastel Tints Rouge; and Lash-Full Textured Mascara Wand.
  • Maybelline introduces Ultra-Lash mascara.
  • Prince Matchabelli introduces Polyderm Medicated Skin Freshener.
  • Revlon begins selling Fabulash, lash lengthener and mascara.
  • Chesebrough-Pond’s develops Fresh Start a medicated cleansing gel; and Angel Face Brush-Alive.
  • Coty creates Line Away, an albumin wrinkle smoother.
  • Cutex introduces Forbidden Fruit, the first flavoured lipsticks.
  • Endocil Hand-care released.
  • Estée Lauder launches Aramis, a male cosmetic line.
  • Guerlain introduces lipsticks for sensitive lips.
  • Hazel Bishop develops Sudden Change, an albumin wrinkle smoother.
  • Helena Rubinstein begins selling Long Lash Waterproof mascara, with a long stemmed applicator.
  • Helene Curtis creates Magic Secret, an albumin-based wrinkle smoother.
  • L’Oréal launches Kérastase into salons.
  • Max Factor develops Pastel Glow, a brush-on face toner; Touch of Youth Wrinkle Smoothing Lotion; Max Factor for Gentlemen; Self-Sharpening Automatic Eye Pencil; and Regency Thin-Line Compacts.
  • Monteil introduces Super Masque.
  • Noxzema launches Cover Girl Lipsticks.
  • Prince Matchabelli introduces Polyderm Bath Oil.
  • Revlon begins selling the Ultima II make-up line; and Moon Drops Moisture Bath Lipstick.
  • Richard Hudnut develops Glissando Lipstick.
  • rose Laird introduces Thelane 4 a moisturiser.
  • Bristol-Myer launches Ban aerosol deodorant.
  • Clairol launches Nice ’n Easy, the first shampoo-in hair colour.
  • Coty releases Veil Naturelle foundation; Cremestick lipstick; Blush Accent cream rouge; Blushette, pressed powder rouge; and the Beauty Climate line.
  • Guinot develops the Cathiodermie skin treatment.
  • Max Factor introduces the Geminesse range; and the UltraLucent make-up line; Coiffure Italienne Color Highlight Shampoo; Lip Frosting, highlight and accent for lipsticks; Fashion Lash, false eyelashes; Shadow Play Brush Eye Shadow; and Royal Regiment, a men’s line.
  • Revlon introduces Sweeping Beauty make-up.
  • Shulton CornSilk face powders and blushers launched.
  • Coty develops the Originals line.
  • Gala introduces cosmetics by Mary Quant including Come Clean Cleanser; Jeepers Peepers Eye shadow; and the Paint Box.
  • Max Factor introduces Positive Protection Formula antiperspirant.
  • Noxell Corporation (Noxzema) develops Noxzema Cold Cream.
  • Revlon releases Under Make-up Nutrient Crème; Frostlings lipsticks; Crystalline nail enamels; Moon Drops Blushing Silk moisturiser plus colour; and Braggi line of products for men.
  • Richard Hudnut begins selling Glissando Nail Enamel; and Du Barry Bloom Dust-on cake powder.
  • Shulton Ice-O-Derm Medicated Pads developed; and Desert Flower Aloe Vera products introduced.
  • Yardley’s Jean Shrimpton line launched.
  • Carter-Wallace releases Arrid Extra Dry the first aerosol antiperspirant.
  • Coty develops Originals Body Paint; and the Formula E range.
  • Max Factor introduces Shiny Eye Liner; UltraLucent Creme Make-up; Geminesse Flowing Cream Make-up in a tube; a complete line of Geminesse Make-up for the Eyes, Geminesse Blush Powder and Geminesse Blush Cream; Tried&True Shampoo-In Permanent Hair Color; and GTO a men’s line.
  • Maybelline develops Natural Hair Lashes.
  • Revlon releases Face Gleamer transparent blusher; Moon Drops Demi-Makeup, a transparent make-up; Ultima II Transparent Face Tints; Natural Wonder Oil-Free products for oily or blemished skin; and Patina Eye Shadows.
  • Richard Hudnut introduces Du Barry Shadow Dusters brush-on powdered eye shadow; and Du Barry Pearl Glace Lip Lilies pearlescent lipstick overglazes.
  • Shulton Desert Flower line repackaged.
  • Yardley Oatmeal Beauty Treats line released.
  • Chesebrough-Pond’s develops Angel Face Gold-Lightly.
  • Coty releases the Originals Topless Lipstick.
  • Dorothy Gray introduces Satura Algene.
  • Estée Lauder launches the Clinique line of cosmetics.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer introduces Transparences face powder; and Lotion Florale, a skin tonic.
  • Helena Rubinstein debuts Pat-A-Glow an electro-vibrator face patter.
  • Max Factor introduces Erace White concealer; UltraLucent Blusher and UltraLucent Nail Color.
  • Maybelline develops Frosty Whites eyeshadow and eyeliner; and Ultra Liner pressed cake eyeliner.
  • Noxell develops Cover Girl Plus 3 an acne treatment.
  • Orlane releases Crème B21, an anti-wrinkle cream with amino acids.
  • Revlon introduces Moon Drops Demi Facecare and Lipsticks; Natural Wonder Un-Lipsticks and Blotting Blusher; Transparents, a nail enamel; Ultima II Translucent 600Wrinkle Creme, Deep Deep Cleansing Foam and 3-Minute Foaming Facial; Touch & Glow liquid make-up in a roll-on; and Creme Concealer, a cover cream.
  • Albert Kligman & James Fulton develop Retin-A, a vitamin A derivative known generically as tretinoin, as an acne medication.
  • Académie Scientifique de Beauté introduces its Hypo-Allergique range.
  • Chesebrough-Pond’s develops Pond’s Light Moisturizer; Pond’s Oily Skin Treatment; and Angel Face Blush ’n Glo make-up.
  • Coty introduces Ultra Legs leg make-up; Sheer Puffery foundation and blusher; and the Bacchus line of cosmetics for men.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer develops Super Moisturising Cleanser; Créme Pour le Cou, a neck and throat cream; and Miss Ayer Rapid Make-up.
  • Helena Rubinstein launches the Mykonos line.
  • Lancôme develops Bienfait du Matin, advertised as the ‘first protective hydrating cream with colour’.
  • Max Factor introduces Blusher Sticks; and Ultralucent Cream Centre Lipstick.
  • Maybelline develops Demi-Lashes false eyelashes; and Professional Eye Liner Brush.
  • Noxell develops Brush-On blushers; and Pearlies lipsticks.
  • Parfums Christian Dior releases a full make-up range.
  • Revlon launches the Etherea hypoallergenic line; Young Blush, transparent face powder; Moon Drops Luminesque Cream Blusher; Ultima II Perfect Make-up, Eyecontoure 70; and Natural Wonder acne treatments and hypoallergenic make-up.
  • Shulton introduces CornSilk Complexion Blends; Desert Flower Body Shampoo a soapless cleanser; Desert Flower eye cosmetics; and Desert Flower Hand & Body Lotion for Extra-Dry Skin.
  • Smith, Klein & French introduce the Love cosmetics line.

Updated: 21st September 2016

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