Elizabeth Arden Brochures and Product Inserts

1927Beauty for the busy womanUSAFold-out brochure.
1936To tan or not to tan?10x15UKFold-out brochure.
1937Art in cosmetics11x14UKFold-out brochure.
1940Why two powders are better than one6x6USAFold-out brochure
1941Never is a woman so supreme as when she is at her loveliest9x15USAFold-out brochure.
1941Magenta9x14USAFold-out brochure with prices of Magenta range on back page.
1941Victory Red8x14USAFold-out brochure with prices of Victory Red range on back page.
1944Cleanse, refresh, smooth 9x16USAFold-out brochure
1947Elizabeth Arden essentials9x15USAFold-out brochure
19501950 Christmas gifts of beauty10x16UKFold-out brochure.
Essentials to loveliness9x15Tri-fold brochure.

These scans are part of the Booklets Project.