Booklets Project

To help researchers in this area, scans of booklets put out by cosmetic companies in the first half or so of the twentieth century are being put online. If you have booklets you could contribute to this project please email me for further details. Additions to the list of scanned booklets will be made through Twitter.

Note: DATE: published date included with the booklet; EST: estimated date of publication; PAGES: does not include the inside or outside of the front or back cover; SIZE: in centimetres to the nearest whole number.

Madame Berthe

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1922Beauty’s greatest secretUSAMentioned in Photoplay.

Marie Barlow

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1928Youthful youUSA

Marie Earle

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1910Marie EarleCulture rationnelle et scientifique de la beauté30FRAAvailable though Bibliothèque Nationale de France.
1922The other side of the moonUSAMentioned in Harper’s Bazaar.
19331933 Understanding your skinUnderstanding your skin3210x15USA


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1928How to care for your skin by the method of a Marinello treatmentUSA

Martha Matilda Harper

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1930Beauty through home treatment 208x12USA

Mary Pickford

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1938Mary Pickford introduces her own personal beauty aids to you2411x15USAIncludes two pages for notes.

Max Factor

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
19171917 Max Factor and CompanyMax Factor and Company, recognized leader in the production of artistic toupees and wigs3218x11USA
1925Grease paintConcerning Max Factor’s grease paint12x9USABi-fold brochure. Came with a box of greasepaint.
1928The new art of make-up4411x15USA
1929Hints on the art of make-upHints on the art of make-up810x22USA
1929The new art of society make-upThe new art of society make-up4411x15USASecond printing of 1928 booklet.
1929Complexion analysis chartA personal complexion analysis and make-up color harmony chart15x10USABi-fold brochure.
1930Color harmony make-up by Max FactorColor harmony make-up by Max Factor with an all-star cast1211x14USA
19311931 The new art of society make-upThe new art of society make-up4411x15USAListed as 5th printing of 1928 booklet.
1932Personal complexion analysisA personal complexion analysis and make-up color harmony chart15x10USABi-fold brochure. Came with a letter dated 1932.
1932Color harmony shadesColor harmony shades of Max Factor Hollywood face powder44x6USAQuad-fold brochure. Real powder used for the samples. Made of heavy cardboard for make-up counter use.
19321932 The new art of society make-upThe new art of society make-up4411x14USA6th Edition.
1933Max Factor make-up hintsMake-up hints48x6USAQuad-fold brochure.
1933Lip makeupTheatrical make-up color chart10x23USAQuad-fold brochure
1935A catalogue of Max Factor’s theatrical make-up1210x23USASimilar in content to 1938 edition, but front cover purple & pink.
1935Lip makeupHere’s something new! Test your color in lip Make-up10x6USABi-fold brochure. Came in an envelope postmarked 1935.
1936The new art of society make-up4411x14USANew Edition.
1936The new art of society make-up4411x14UKNo date, but cover identical to US 1936 edition.
1937Max BeautyHow to create beauty with make-up12x6USAQuad-fold brochure.
1937How to create beauty with make-up12x6UKQuad-fold brochure. Cover & most actresses are different from the U.S. edition.
1937The new art of society make-up4411x14USANew Edition.
19371937 The new art of society make-upThe new art of society make-up4411x14UK
1938The new art of society make-up4411x14UK
19381938 A catalog of Max Factors theatrical make-upA catalog of Max Factor’s theatrical make-up1210x23USA
1939Hollywood color chartMax Factor Hollywood color chart30x10USATri-fold brochure. Real makeup or color samples glued onto cardboard probably for make-up counter use.
1940The new art of make-up2811x14USANew Edition.
19461946 Max Factor stage make-upMax Factor’s hints on the art of make-up 10x22USA11th Edition. 9 Booklets and an order form.
1948The new art of make-up2611x15AUSIncludes pamphlet on Pan-Stik.
1949The new art of make-up2811x15USA
1950New WorldsNew worlds of beauty for you6x8USAQuad-fold brochure. Came inside a Worlds of Beauty lotion box
1950Night facial stikThe new way – Night facial stik27x5USATri-fold brochure. Came in a package of Night Facial Stik
1950Make-up for the stars and youUK
19501950 The new art of society make-upThe new art of make-up2811x15USAContains price list dated 28/10/50
1950Color harmony make-up chartColor harmony make-up chart15x11USA4 panel accordion fold.
1952The new art of society make-up4411x14USA6th Edition.
1952You at your loveliestYou at your loveliest2028x22USASales counter booklet.
1954You at your loveliestYou at your loveliest3918x12UK
1954You at your loveliest3211x16USA
1958Television make-upTelevision make-up for black-and-white and color821X14USA
1961Nail SatinFabulous new colors for fingertip luxury, Max Factor nail satin27x18USABi-fold brochure. Heavy card. Used by sales staff at the make-up counter.
1962Max Factor skin care16UKMentioned in Chemist and Druggist.
1962New Make-up Color Fashions by Max FactorNew make-up color fashions by Max Factor824x19USAUsed by sales staff at the make-up counter.
1964Go for BaroqueGo for baroque28x22USATri-fold brochure.
19656 new fashion hairstyles6 new fashion hairstyles118x11USA
1975Beauty LessonsBeauty lessons with California Naturals and Pure Magic3218x17USAWritten by Max Factor for Montgomery Ward & Co.
1970Geminesse Lash CreationsGeminesse lash creations118x11USA


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1919The woman beautifulUSAMaybell Laboratories
1961Color chartColor chart and shade selector25x18Bi-fold


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1928Beauty LessonsWhat is charm?127x9USA
1935The new vogue in powderingUSA

Merle Norman

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1956A door to a more beautiful you2010x23USA
1965A more beautiful you2810x14USA
1966A more beautiful you2810x14USACover and content different to 1965 edition.


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1922Thoughts on personal beautyUSA


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1917The truth about perspirationUSAMentioned in Harper’s Bazaar.
1918The appealing charm of daintinessUSAMentioned in Photoplay.
1918The assurance of perfect groomingUSAMentioned in Photoplay.
1922The double meaning of daintinessUSAMentioned in Vogue.

Ogilvie sister

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1924Beautiful hair by common sense methods249x16USA
1931Ogilvie sisters on care of the hair2410x15USA

Paris American Pharmacal

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1930Luxurious Toiletries1216x9USA
1935Brush up on charmUSA
1938Beautiful hands410x16USA

Paris Fashion Company

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1910Hair and BeautyUSA
1912Paris fashion productsParis beauty products269x15USA

Peggy Sage

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1927Le secret de manicureUSA
1935Brush up on charmUSA
1938Beautiful hands410x16USA


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1903Beauty rulesUKMentioned in London West End Review 1898.
1936Pomeroy Beauty for AllPomeroy beauty for all1223x7UK
1930Modern complexion careUK


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1915How to get real beauty sleepUSAMentioned in LIFE.
1919Liberty girlUSA
1920Sweetest story ever toldUSA
1920Toilet preparationsUSA
1922Honeymooning in VeniceUSA
1924Honeymooning on the alpsUSA
1928Quel est Votre Type de BeauteQuel est votre type de beauté?2011x12CAN

Potter & Moore

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1938Surface beauty is not enough1413x17UK
1955Gifts by Potter & Moore411x17UK

Primrose House

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1922The new beautyUSAWith new beauty chart and diagnosis sheet.
1928Here dwells youthHere dwells youth329x16USAAlso 1922, 1924.
1929The suntan groupUSALeaflet
1930Here dwells youth4011x15USACover and content different to earlier version.
1937On keeping your skin youngUSA

Princess Pat

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1922Making beauty yoursUSAMentioned in Beauty
1923The Promise of a PrincessThe promise of a princess409x11USA
19261926 Devoted to BeautyDevoted to beauty12USA
1930This Exquisite BeautyThis exquisite beauty2810x14USAAt least two versions. Products & prices identical but some pages transposed.
1931Modern StoryModern story magazine No. 21213x17USAPublished monthly by Princess Pat Ltd.
1932For You Exquisite BeautyFor you – exquisite beauty3610x15USA
1932How to apply Princess Pat harmonized make-upUSA
1932Princess Pat way to beautyUSA

Products Bertie

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1927Les secrets de la beauteUSA


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1956Correct selection and application of make-up10x22USA4 panel accordion fold.
1963Your guide to hair care249x21USA
1963The romance of fragrance by Revlon1615x22USA
1963Revlon’s vacation coloring book822x28USA
1964The complete guide to skin care1613x20USA05/64 on the cover.
1964The complete guide to make-up2813x20USA05/64 on the cover.
1964Guide to nail care2010x22USA
1964Tips on shade selection810x24USA


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1935Rexona has bought happinessRexona has bought happiness12x21AUSLeaflet

Richard Hudnut

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
190420th century toilet hintsUSA
19101910 Richard Hudnut Beauty bookBeauty book168x12USA
19151915 Beauty BookBeauty book48USAAvailable though Harvard University Library.
1923The Secrets of BeautyThe book of DuBarry3211x15USA
1923The Secrets of BeautyThe secrets of beauty249x15USAThree Flowers products. Printed in USA but list of UK chemist branches inside front cover.
1925The book of DuBarry3211x15USAMadame Du Barry on cover.
1925How to be CharmingHow to be charming3210x13USAThree Flowers products.
1927The way to lovely skinUSA
1927At 20 rue de la paix1215x23USAContains illustrations of new salon, which opened in 1927.
193050 years a merchant of beauty 1880-19305217x20USAInserted is letter from R. Hudnut dated March 1930.
1930Cleansing treatment by Doris HaleUSA
1930Home method of Du Barry beauty treatmentsHome method of Du Barry beauty treatments by the new hand principle as interpreted by Doris Hale489x13USAAlso printed in 1929, 1931.
1932Holiday creations with Richard HudnutUSA
1933Gifts for Du BarryUK
1934Marvelous make-up guideUSA
Marvelous a synonym for beautyUSA
1935Home method of Du Barry beauty treatmentsHome method of Du Barry beauty treatments by the new hand principle as interpreted by Doris Hale489x13USA
1936What colour are your eyes?USA
1936Du Barry hand principle of skin treatmentsUSAMentioned in US Vogue.
1937A new slant on beautyUSAIncludes Du Barry Beauty Angle. Also 1938.
1937New Loveliness for YouNew loveliness for you3210x12USA
1941Beauty is yours . . . .5210x13USA
1942Du Barry 6 weeks from tonight2015x23 USADu Barry success school course.
1944Beauty is your duty5210x13Includes the Beauty Angle.
1946Success-o-planUSAIncludes Du Barry success school chart.
1946Du Barry success storiesDu Barry success stories12USAPart of the Success course beginner packet
1947Your face, your figure, your futureUSAIncludes Du Barry success school chart.
1947Du Barry beauty preparation367x11USA
1948Your personal problemsYour personal problems and how to solve them12USAPart of the Du Barry Success course
1949Care of the hair2011x18UK
19551955 Help yourself to new beautyHelp yourself to new beauty by Du Barry20 13x18USA
1969Du Barry’s new sporting goods for girls – “Playthings”10x10USAQuad-fold.


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1901A beauty builder8USA

Roger & Gallet

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1922Parisian toilet specialties [sic] de LuxUSA

Rose Laird

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1917Laird’s care and treatment of the skin8USA
1921Daily care and treatment of the hair and scalpUSA
19281928 Winning beauty from the passing yearsWinning beauty from the passing years3812x16USAAlso 1925, 1926. UK prices and spelling. Last two pages blank.
1935To your natural beauty give protectionTo your natural beauty give protection … to any blemish give correction368x13USAUK prices and spelling.
1938This way to lovelinessThis way to loveliness46UK Also 1937


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1949Bathing for health looks and pleasureUSA


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1929From behind guarded stage doorsUSAMentioned in Screenland.

Sunclyme House

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1936Cosmetics from tropical fruitsUSAMentioned in US Vogue.


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1927The art of make-upUSAGeorge W. Luft
1927The art of make-upUKColeman & Naste

Virginia Lee

DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1928Preparations for stage screen and street369x13USA


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1924Around the clock with Vivaudou remembrancerUKMentioned in Pictures and Picturegoer.
1925The Vivaudou remembrancer438x12UKHalf of booklet is devoted to etiquette plus pages for addresses, engagements and memoranda.


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1927A skin you love to touch127x15USAListed as Andrew Jergens. Also 1928.
1931The index to loveliness4812x15USA
1933A skin you love to touch87x15USAListed as Woodbury. Also 1930, 1934.
1932The index to loveliness4812x15USABy Janet Parker. Mentioned in US Vogue 1931.
1934The beauty secret of the woman who never grew old4412x14USA
1940Woodbury facial cocktail USA


DateEstTitlePages SizeOrigin Comments
1925Yardley’s English lavender water410x15USAContains information/prices of Lavender range of products.
1933Complexions in the Mayfair manner2416x17USA
1934A Beauty Secrets from Across the SeaA beauty secret from across the sea86x12USAMentioned in US Vogue 1930. 1935 Price list
1935Yardleys triple compact and lipstickYardley’s triple compact and lipsticks9x14USAFold out. Came with a triple compact.
19371937 Beauty Secrets from Bond StreetBeauty secrets from Bond Street3214x19UKIncludes American price list. Also 1936, 1939, 1940.
1938Yardley beauty bookUK
1939Yardley way to beautyUKAlso 1938.
1942Colors by authorityUSA
19491937 Beauty Secrets from Bond StreetThe Yardley way to beauty2015x18UKMentioned in The Chemist and Druggist. Cover reads Let’s be practical. Includes 6 cards on massage.
19621937 Beauty by YardleyBeauty by Yardley418x24UK
1969Sigh shadows6x9USATri-fold brochure

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