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Bust Treatments


For most of the twentieth century a well-developed bust was very much in fashion and there were a wide range of treatments that were supposed to correct deficiencies.

Vitamin Creams


The depression years of the 1930s were difficult times for many American cosmetic companies and some added vitamins to their skin creams to help improve sales.

Thermolysis and the Blend


Until the 1920s, the only way that superfluous hair could be safely removed from the body permanently was by electrolysis. It was slow, often painful and expensive.

Arsenic-Eaters and Cucumber Creams


Cucumbers had long been used to treat freckles and suntan but as the nineteenth century drew to a close some newspaper articles suggested this was because they contained arsenic.

Mrs. Pomeroy


In 1895, Jeannette Scalé opened a small beauty business in Chancery Lane, London, using the name Mrs. Pomeroy. The following year, Mrs. Pomeroy Ltd. was founded.

Nail Polish


The story of nail polish in the twentieth century is muddied by the fact that the terms polish, lacquer, varnish and enamel were used haphazardly and covered a wide range of products.



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