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Coty and the 1939 New York World’s Fair


Buoyed by the success of the 1933 Chicago ‘Century of Progress’ World’s Fair, New York City’s civic and business leaders decided to hold one in their city in 1939.

Arden Beauty on the Wing


In 1949, Elizabeth Arden introduced what appears to have been the first airline amenity kit purpose-built by a cosmetic company.

Bleach Creams


In their search for the perfect complexion many women turned to bleach creams to treat hyper-pigmentation problems.

Alfred D. McKelvy (Seaforth)


In 1939, the Alfred D. McKelvy Company introduced the Seaforth line of men’s toiletries.

Mink Oil


By the 1960s a number of French companies were making cosmetics containing mink oil and there was some interest elsewhere including Britain and the United States.

Aerosol Cosmetics


The first commercially successful cosmetic aerosol was Rise, an aerosol shaving foam released by Carter Products in 1950.

Rose Laird


After moving from Philadelphia to New York, Rose Laird established her beauty business there in 1903.

Powder Creams


Face creams coloured with powdered pigments could help even out a complexion while holding face powder in place.


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Cyclax: The art of being lovely (1937)

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Coty: Le chemin de la Beauté (1936)

Added: 9th August 2016

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Radioactive Cosmetics

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Prince Matchabelli

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Cosmetics Timeline

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Company Timeline

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Northam Warren (Cutex)

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Pan-Cake Make-up

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